Alexander Gerund


I’m Alex. I'm Partner Product Strategy & Design at okay bueno, our Digital Product Studio based in Berlin, Germany.

When I’m not busy creating chaos at our studio, I serve as FWA jury member judging work far beyond my own abilities, offer career advise for Product Managers and Designers, give talks if organizers are foolish enough to invite me, and fail pretty fast at creative endeavors of all kinds, ranging from design to visual arts and music.


I have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients, ranging from companies and corporations to state organizations and NGOs. Some of my favorite partners so far include Red Bull Media House, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, brandnewmusic, dreamInc Media, and many more.

Shit I do like.

I love experimenting, building new products, and working on projects that have an impact on society, challenging the status quo by solving problems, working across all disciplines.

Shit I don’t like.

Technology over solution. Inefficient systems. Unregulated markets. Bullshit bingo. Greedyness. I do not work on projects that I believe to have a negative impact on society.


Click this link to accidentially open a mail program you would never use otherwise: hello at alexandergerund dot com.